Ask a firefighter if he’d prefer to run into a burning building or talk about how he’s feeling and he’ll pick the burning building because it’s the least scary option.

Mark Dobson  Ordinary Courage

Reaching in to create a mentally healthy workplace

our proactive approach

Ordinary Courage is a mental health consultancy that empowers leaders to connect with their people by taking a proactive approach to mental health.

Mark Dobson AFSM, an honoured and respected workplace mental health pioneer, launched Ordinary Courage in 2019 to help Australian businesses meet the 21st century challenge of Mental Health & Safety, MHS.


Reaching In

Rather than waiting for your people ‘reach out’ to seek help, Ordinary Courage provides a framework for leaders to identify and connect with team members so they can ‘reach in’ and address potential problems before they become critical. Our tailored programs create a culture where seeking help is not only encouraged but facilitated – a culture of  ‘ordinary courage’.

Ordinary Courage

Ordinary courage is the strength to connect and it can be extraordinarily hard to muster.  It’s the courage to connect with your feelings and the bravery to share them. Conversely, it’s courage to reach in and connect with someone whom you feel may not be travelling well.  And to listen, without judgement.

Our Toolbox of Trust

The foundation of ordinary courage is trust. If you’re not travelling well, it’s trusting the people you talk to. If you’re a leader, it’s having the confidence to talk to your people and trusting yourself to listen. Our evidence-based programs provide leaders, from executives to supervisors and team leaders, with the tools to connect and the avenues to seek help as required.

A Trillion Reasons Why

The strength to connect is our goal for every member of your team and we guarantee that, when you embrace our principles of ordinary courage, the positive impact on your business will be significant and measurable in terms of staff wellbeing, productivity and your bottom line.

Tailored Solutions

Our service is personal. We understand every workplace is different with its own issues, personalities and nuances so we tailor our strategies to individual companies and budgets.



… every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution …


World Health Organisation definition of good mental health